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GIT – GPG Signing Key Setup (importing old keys) on Windows 10

Setting up a new computer this week ran me smack into a wall of not remembering how I got my GIT + GPG signing key working the 1 time I managed to get it working previously. After piecing together a few articles I am putting this consolidated article together to hope it helps someone else …

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Miter Saw Stand / Cabinet

Working on improving the use of space in the basement workshop led me to building some additional storage and work areas. The first project I tackled was building a stand for my miter saw. The current job site one I was using wasted all of the space underneath it. After some searching for inspiration I …

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Hangboard project

As someone who enjoys indoor rock climbing at a gym as their choice of regular exercise I wanted to continue to develop my hand strength. Reading the “Rock Climbers Training Manual” led me to want to build my own hangboard at home to match what we had in the gym using the Rock Prodigy Training …

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