Hangboard project

As someone who enjoys indoor rock climbing at a gym as their choice of regular exercise I wanted to continue to develop my hand strength. Reading the “Rock Climbers Training Manual” led me to want to build my own hangboard at home to match what we had in the gym using the Rock Prodigy Training Center by Trango.

Some of the requirements were:

  • Able to accommodate different height users (I am a little over 6′ with a long reach)
  • Adjust to handle different shoulder widths
  • Able to handle my 300lb body weight
  • Able to handle the counterweight system to allow for safe training
  • Be removeable easily to be brought inside when not in use (frame is outdoor)

I decided to build an outdoor frame to meet the support structure requirements for the above list. Below are the details I used to build my setup:

  • Material and Cut List
  • Dimensional drawings

Here are the pictures of the project: