Feb 11

8 Beechtree Lane

In 2006 I bought a house in South Newfane, VT for my mother to move into. With her not living there any longer I have been working on repairing and finishing some projects to get the house sold to another owner who can enjoy the peace and quiet living on the side of a mountain has offered to us in our time owning the property.

This post is documenting the ongoing work, and before / after photos and some video.

Overview of major activities:

  • Rented appropriate construction equipment, shored up and created a retaining wall at the end of the driveway to prevent runoff from the rain / snow from eroding the end of the leech field
  • Added an unfinished 10×13′ room to the back of the house (Siding in progress Feb 2018 – 90% complete)
  • Replaced the flooring in the kitchen
  • EntireĀ interior repainted
  • Replaced bathroom sink / cabinet / vanity
  • Re-finished kitchen counter top / sink
  • Replaced most electrical receptacles, added GFCI outlets where needed
  • Fixed the water pipe (poly flex) coming in from the well, replaced gate valve with a 1″ ball valve
  • Replace all copper water pipes except for shower with PEX (work in progress as of Feb 2018). Converted from single run piping method to manifold design with individual runs to fixtures with individual ball valves
  • Replaced the 20 gallon pressurized well tank with a new 32 gallon pressurized well tank and new T pipe (2018). This tank reduces the strain on the well and pressure pump while maintaining pressure when fixtures are opened (sink, shower, etc).
  • Redid plumbing to accommodate an out of well pump (Grundfos Scala 2), and added a multi ball valve setup to allow for pump bypass and removal for winterization of the house
  • Repaint and reseal the hatchway (in progress Feb 2018)
  • Heating system inspected and services Dec 2017. Furnace transformer replaced inĀ Dec 2017. New electronic thermostat added.
  • Smoke detectors replaced in 2016.
  • New air insulated water valve for exterior hose connection (pending install Feb 2018)

Video of water working in kitchen (Dec 2017):

Water Tank Before:

Water Tank Before

Water Tank After:

Water Tank After

Pressure reading before I popped the old 20 gallon water tank (thus replacing it and anything attached to it):


Bathroom Sink / Vanity before:

Bathroom Sink - Vanity Before