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Jun 05

Advanced Custom Fields – Shortcode

Ran into an issue where I wanted to create an interface where I could dynamically use the output of the ACF plugin within the pages, to allow a combination of the ACF and WSIWYG editor. I ended up creating the following function and adding it to ‘functions.php’ in my template: /* Advanced Custom Fields Shortcode …

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Nov 07

WordPress – Restrict Login by IP

Enable the use of HTACCESS overrides: sudo nano -w /etc/apache2/sites-available/xxx.conf Add this line: AllowOverride All —– If you have a static IP and want to restrict access, a simple way is to lock down access to the wp-login.php file using .htaccess to control: <files wp-login.php> order deny,allow deny from all # whitelist Your First IP …

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